Hotel Villa Dorata

Hotel Villa Dorata


in the green of the highest volcano in Europe between history and myth.


discovering a rich and varied territory between woods and lava flows.


flavors and aromas of the Sicilian tradition.

Just over 1 km from the main crater of Etna

Hotel Villa Dorata

Delightful charming hotel a short distance from the main crater of the Etna volcano, Villa Dorata is a completely renovated ancient princely residence. Both the furnishings, made of period furniture, some of which originate from the villa, and the rooms make it a place full of charm, equipped with every comfort that can make your guests’ stay unique.

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The careful attention to detail and spaces, period furnishings and the warm tones of fine fabrics cradled by the gentle lines of natural wood make the nine rooms of the hotel a compendium of Sicilian style and rustic elegance of yesteryear.

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The hotel on Etna, Villa Dorata, located in an exceptional combination of myths and nature, is located at m. 1760 of altitude, at 500 m. from the Astronomical Observatory, as well as about 1 km. and a half from the main crater of Etna. It offers guests a unique opportunity for physical and mental relaxation, also rich in diversified opportunities for recreation and for expanding the cultural heritage.

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