Hotel Villa Dorata

Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy Hotel Villa Dorata

Please read carefully the booking rules below. Each booking, after its confirmation, has the value of acceptance of the contract according to current Italian legislation. The contract is binding for those making the booking and for all other persons mentioned in the same, minors included.

1. Booking by e-mail

It is possible to send an availability request via e-mail to our address: and please wait for our telematic response. Alternatively, you can book directly online by following the instructions available on our website

2. Optionon request / Block Rooms

Following your request, you will receive our ansie to your request of information and availability containing our best accommodation proposals and / or offers (non-binding) to which you, but if you are interested, you can ask the block rooms with option expiry subject to our availability and after our answer a specific period of time .

3. Confirmatory Deposit 30%

The reservation is to be considered confirmed only after sending the deposit of 30% on the total amount of the reservation (excluding any tourist tax and optional services) within the required limit by e-mail mentioned in the quote. In the absence of this amount, the reservation is to be understood as null. As required by the Italian civil code in art. 1385, the deposit is not refundable neither in case of cancellation, nor for NO-SHOW (non-presentation), the Hotel Villa Dorata *** reserves the right to a possible refund of the deposit only in certified cases of death, or cause force majeure, with the “Credit Note”.

4. Payment method Deposit 30% Confirmation

The deposit can be paid by bank transfer, or with your authorization by providing us your Credit Card with 16-digit numbers followed by the expiry date of (credit / prepaid / paypal or postpay) card.The reservation becomes binding for Hotel Villa Dorata *** only upon receipt of the deposit or credit card information left as “guarantee” of the booking, or on which to make the 30% withdrawal as “deposit confirmation” authorized from the future guest.

5. Sending Copy accounting and / or Cro no. Of 30% deposit

Once the required payment has been made, you must send us an email containing the number of the money disposition or the Accounting Copy.

6. Confirmation of the Reservation

As soon as the administration office will receive your deposit bank transfer, we confirm you by e- mail followed by confirmation of the booking which implies acceptance of our cancellation terms / modification and deposit.

7. Check in / Beginning of stay

Check-in / Check-in time is from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm *. * A different time of entry from the one indicated, is always on request and subject to availability of the structure.Can be request a mandatory extra for early check in of € 20,00/per room

Check out / Terminal of your Stay Check-out / Check-out time is within hours 11:00 AM*. * A different time of entry from the one indicated, is always on request and subject to availability of the structure. Can be request a mandatory extra for late check out of € 20,00/per room Upon arrival at the hotel it is mandatory to deliver the identification document (Identity Card / Passport / Driving License) of each person, minors included.

8. Possible Changes to the Reservation

To make any changes to the reservation, you must contact us as soon as possible and within 7 days of arrival at the hotel.

8.1. In case of change of arrival / departure dates of the reservation to a period other than the booked one for which the price could be higher than the amount confirmed and / or paid, the customer is required to pay the difference. Change of arrival / departure dates is only on request and subject to availability.

8.2. If changes are made up to 7 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged. For changes beyond this deadline, and for a period other than that booked, a penalty of € 50.00 will be charged in addition to the cost of the stay.

9. Balance and accepted payment methods:

The balance of the reservation is due upon arrival / departure and any extras must be paid before departure. Payment methods and accepted cards: Amenrican Express / Visa / Cartasì / Mastercard / bank transfer, credit card / prepaid / paypal / rechargeable.

10. Pre-authorization:

Hotel Villa Dorata *** reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card left as “guarantee” before the arrival of the client requesting a preauthorization of the circuit to which it belongs. With the pre-authorization the hotel guarantees the temporary availability of the total amount of the stay, or of a part of it (about 30%), to make sure that the credit card is valid.- NO AMOUNT IS COLLECTED. The pre-authorization expires automatically after 20 days from the requested date and the amount is released. In case of pre-authorized with a negative result the customer will be notified and the reservation will be canceled. In this case, the hotel will have no obligation towards the customer .

11. Advance payment, “Not Refundable rate”:

If this special rate is booked, the full amount will be charged to the credit card or requested by bank transfer. The full amount is not refundable under any circumstances and in certain periods, different payment terms may apply. Please refer to your booking confirmation.

12. Extension of stay:

The extension of the stay requires an additional reservation, is subject to availability and may involve rate changes.

13. Cancellation Policy (ONLINE booking on our website)

1. In case of cancellation or changes made up to 7 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

2. For cancellations or changes after this deadline, the cost of the first night will be charged to the credit card provided to us, and for each cancellation, the full amount will be charged. This cancellation policy is not valid for the non-refundable rate (in this case the amount of the reservation will be charged at the time of booking and will not be refunded in case of cancellation / cancellation).

3. No reimbursement is due to the guest who decides to interrupt the stay already undertaken and therefore will be required to pay the entire booked stay.


1. Reservation and cancellation policy GROUPS:

By booking a reservation, request a term to be approved as a member of the group. He has confirmed the contact person of the group. The group leader / tour leader will be available immediately. Reservations do not affect changes. It would be necessary to cancel your reservation and make a new one.

2. Confirmation deposit 30% GROUPS:

A booking notice will be required equal to 30% of the total amount of services booked, with sending copy accounting / sending the disposition of your bank transfer via email to and the same, is never refundable In the case of the Civil Code in Article 1385, will not be refunded in case of cancellation or NO- SHOW (non-presentation) death, or force majeure “.

3.SALDO GROUP reservations:

As foreseen by our company policy, the balance of the groups will take place no later than 15 days. Otherwise, customers do not log in to the facility.


The Tour Operator or Tour Leader of the group is responsible for accepting the list of guests as soon as possible.

5. Cancellation policies GROUPS:

Any cancellations received in writing by e-mail and will be subject to penalties as indicated below: – within 15 days of the arrival of the entire amount of the GROUPS stay. – in case of “no show” or early departure a penalty equal to 100% of the entire stay will be charged.

6. Causes of force majeure GROUPS:

The management declines all liability for disruptions provided by a higher order, fortuitous failures to the rules or other causes of force majeure. We accept no responsibility for damages from other guests, from natural events, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases and thefts.

Thanks for the attention,

General Manager of Hotel Villa Dorata